Random posts go here

This is the start of something beautiful. By which I mean I have no idea what I’m doing!

I’ve started blogs before, but never really been consistent with them. However I feel like this will be a bit different now that I am running a youtube channel and trying to make content production an consistent thing. So then, with that said, what can you expect from this?

Well I’ll be posting my videos as they go live, or sometime on the same day. If you’re curious what’s on tap now, look at the main page on the left side and you’ll find that, what beers are fermenting, and what the video release schedule is.

But what else will I be posting? Well that all depends. I partly will repost pointing to links of things I think are cool and related to all the stuff I’ll do, but also write up some good articles for you on everything from beer, brewing beer to cooking and dining, travel, whatever have you!

So come back and taste the world! I’ll be here if you wanna have some fun.


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