Happy holidays to gamers and brewers alike!

The holidays are upon us. For some we’re in the midst of it, for others it’s already passed. Whatever you celebrate have fun and enjoy your friends and family. They are what matter the most in life.

I want to take this time and give a simple thanks to all those who have joined me on this journey. As the new year comes upon us and the old one closes I want to say I’ve met alot of great people and had alot of fun, and I plan on continuing this journey together for some time to come.  I am finally nearly completely settled in my new house with my wife and all the stress from moving and dealing with work has begun to subside, and now I can look towards all the activities I have wanted to do with the channel and brand “blaster brewmaster”. There’s still alot of room for growth, but I’m ambitious and plan on pushing hard now to expand everything.

So what all is in the works? Well I don’t know entirely yet. I will make a full vlog video to showcase my plans before the year is over, but here’s a preview of my current plans:

*return of the #ModSquad videos with some of the funnest mods I can find.
*collaborations with more people covering a wider variety of content.
*Podcasts on brewing and video game topics
*return of the brewschool videos at some point

There may be more and I’ll try to get some details planned out to discuss the channel’s direction. I am also trying to bring back variety to the long play series and will gradually work on a more consistent schedule. In the meantime check the channel out and come back for more brewing and video game posts here on the wordpress.

And thank you for encouraging my behavior! Raise your glass in the air, and have another pint on me!

Love and peace!

– Blaster Brewmaster


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